The Power of Luxury Redefined

A unique summit that explores the challenges and opportunities posed by a new era in luxury for department stores and brands.

In recent years, the luxury and retail markets have seen significant change and expansion. Beyond geographical markets, perhaps the only certainty for luxury brands and retailers is that a new luxury mind-set is emerging amongst customers. So the time has come to redefine luxury and explore how this evolution is transforming the retail marketplace, creating both new opportunities and challenges.

The luxury market has entered a new phase, where conspicuous consumption has given way to a more measured approach and material goods compete with experiences. As customers reconsider their priorities, asking themselves what they truly value, a host of major trends have accelerated which will influence not only a new way of communicating luxury but new ways of experiencing it in an all-channel world.

Younger millennials have a different relationship with luxury. We need to understand and adapt to this.

The conference will unlock the latest thinking on the shift in consumer attitude towards luxury, and the importance of mindful consumption, as well as exploring new partnerships between department stores and brands. The programme will bring together leading CEOs and brands as well as renowned experts and innovators to share their insights on what The Power of Luxury Redefined offers to department stores and brands.

The summit will coincide with the celebration of two important anniversaries: the 15th year of the ownership of Selfridges by the Weston family and the 10th year of GDSS.

Listen to compelling success stories and future strategies presented by seasoned CEOs

Gain unique insights into the latest evolutions of the world's leading department stores and brands

Meet top executives from department stores, brands and suppliers from around the world

Simultaneous translation into Chinese will be provided during all sessions.